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Artist Mary Ellen Dow

Mary Ellen's art has been on display in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina medical offices, residences, and a gallery in Sarasota, FL.  Oil is the primary art medium used in her paintings.

I always wanted to be an artist even as a small child. I spent hours lying on my back in my grandmother’s living room staring at the crown molding plastered to the ceiling, always wondering how the world looked upside down. I walked on my knees when I grew taller to see everything above me from a child’s perspective.

I had my own list of things I wanted out of life, one being to paint a picture I truly liked. Now, everything I see is a painting, a direction, a color and light. I studied art much later in my life at Ringling School of Art and Design. 

Many people ask me if working with the human body as a massage therapist for many years has helped me with my art, and my answer is, although I'm not aware of it helping, it may have had something to do with loving to paint women and children.

The ocean fascinates me as well as the sky, forever changing. I was told to paint from the heart and that is easy for me to do. I hope others enjoy my artwork as much as I enjoy painting it!



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